Model dancing on the sandy bottom

Sébastien made my first underwater photoshoot an incredible experience. Despite my nerves about going in open water without my usual equipment, his guidance throughout the session put me at ease and made the afternoon lot of fun. The photos turned out beautifully artistic, capturing moments I never thought possible. His creativity and attention to detail truly shine through in every shot! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented photographer.

 Anna, United States

Freediver on the wreck

“Incredible subsea photo session, both from an artistic and athletic point of view: Seb definitively knows his craft and kept making the right suggestions to create beautiful shots, all the while leaving me the freedom to try some crazier ideas. He handled a group of 3 people with an impressive performance of back-to-back dives at 15-20m, and he out-dived us every single time with safety checks all the way up. Pretty sure the guy spent more time underwater than breathing overall.

If you want to capture some photos that do justice to the incredible experience of freediving, Seb is your man for the job!”

Loann, France


I hired Sébastien for two professional photography sessions while in Tenerife. He has been able to release my stress of being photographed, take my best profile and to capture the best angle to make me look great. On top of that that we had a lot of fun on both sessions, and he made me laugh. the session was more complicated because I was cold (as I was wearing a dress in cold water) however he has been able to catch some amazing pictures out of this short photoshoot.

His portraits are touching, full of poetry and always  tell a story. Thank you Sébastien for giving me self-confidence, making me comfortable and the very nice time together.

Morgane, France


Sébastien is an amazing photographer! He has a lot of patience (and breath-hold), gives great tips for the shots and uses very well the light contrast in the water. I had an underwater photo shoot with him and was really impressed of the result! I would definitely do it again.

Lorenzo, Italy

Freediver on the wreck

I did a photoshoot with Sébastien last year and It was amazing. He has an incredible ability to capture the perfect shot in every scenario. He is not only a great photographer but also an exceptional diver and always manages to find the right position to get the best photos. He will make you feel super comfortable during the whole session and will also adapt to your needs and the type of photos you are looking for. 100% recommended.” 

 Alicia, Spain


I m a freediving instructor and I booked Seb for a photo shooting session for 6 of my students, so it had to be absolutely perfect, as I involve myself in the meantime. And I made the perfect choice by booking Seb as a photograph, the pictures are absolutely stunning. Seb knows how to capture each moment perfectly, thing which could be hard underwater. He knows which angle to take and the result is awesome. My students were 100% satisfied, myself as well, I recommend him 100%

 Tristan, France

Freediver portrait

I highly recommend Sébastien for underwater photoshoots. We had a very enjoyable,  fun session and I was delighted with the results,  using the shots on my Esprit Freedivers website and other promotional events. He immediately put me at ease, I really enjoyed his session and won’t hesitate to recommend him. Thanks Sébastien

Claire, United Kingdom


Very inspiring photographer with a lot of passion! Can always catch the best moments under water!

Ming Yuan, China

That was my first-ever underwater photoshoot, but it went super smoothly, 

I appreciated that we had a really well-planned session. The water was cold, so we didn’t have much time in the water, plus we had to take breaks to breathe between dives and find the correct spot over the wreck. Planning beforehand really helped, as did Sébastien’s guidance and suggestions on what would look good.

Sébastien also took photos during my warm-up and test dives, which was incredibly helpful. Actually, in the end, half of the photos I chose were taken through improvisation on the spot. I’m super happy with the result and would highly recommend this experience!

Alexei, Czech Republic

I had a wonderful underwater session with Sébastien, and I’d highly recommend his photography experience! It was my first time doing any sort of underwater photo shoot but Sébastien didn’t make me feel rushed or nervous, he was very calm. He gave me some suggestions but also let me improvise in the moment if I wanted. It was generally a really enjoyable session and I was super impressed with the results!

Hannah, United States

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