Welcome to my world

My name is Sebastien Saintignan, and I am thrilled to share my journey and passion for the underwater world with you.

I feel a deep connection and peace whenever I am immersed in the water

 My love for water began when I learned to swim at the age of five, and it has only grown stronger over the years. Starting as a high-level swimmer, I pursued a career in oceanography to protect our oceans through research.

Three years ago, I embarked on a new adventure in underwater photography and videography, launching my YouTube channel, SaiCos Sealife Discovery. What began as a hobby quickly became a mission to protect the ocean through the art of photography.

Freediving allowed me to witness the underwater world firsthand, revealing a vibrant and dynamic realm that was vastly different from the pages of my textbooks. This personal connection with marine life inspired me to contribute to ocean conservation in a unique way – by capturing its beauty and fragility through my camera.


There is something magical about capturing the human connection with the water

One of my greatest passions is photographing people in the water, whether it’s a freediver gracefully exploring a wreck or someone simply enjoying the serenity of the underwater world. These moments reveal the profound bond between humans and the water, and I strive to capture that in every shot.

Through my lens, I aim to produce high-quality underwater shots of both people and wildflife. Each photograph tells a story and fosters a deeper appreciation for the underwater world. My goal is to inspire others to cherish and protect the life beneath the waves. I believe that powerful images can raise awareness about the importance of conservation and respect for marine life.

Combining my expertise in photography with my profound connection to the underwater world, I aim to create stunning, impactful images that leave a lasting impression on viewers. 

Join me and discover the magnificent world beneath the surface

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