Sébastien Saintignan

is an underwater photographer and freediving instructor. He started underwater photography and videography 3 years ago through his Youtube channel SaiCos Sealife Discovery.

He has always been attracted to the water and its world; he learnt to swim at the age of 5 and since then, he never quit the water. He started as a high-level swimmer and became an oceanographer to protect the oceans through research. Later on, he discovered freediving and started to witness the underwater world through his own eyes. It was completely different from the studies in his books. At that moment, he realised that he wanted to contribute to the protection of the oceans in another way – with Art.

Since then, he has worked to sensibilise people through his Youtube channel and take pictures of what he sees during his adventures. From a simple tiny fish to a freediver playing in a wreck, he captures whatever Nature is presenting him.

Freediver photographer
© Pavol Ivanov
© Pavol Ivanov

His mission

His goal is to capture high-quality underwater shots of both wildlife and people.

Through his lens, he seeks to inspire others to appreciate and protect the delicate balance of life beneath the waves.

Overall, he combines his passion for photography and the underwater world to create compelling, high-quality images that leave an impression on the viewers while promoting the importance of conservation and respect for marine life.

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